Sunday, August 9, 2009


We're teething over here. I say we because it's a whole family experience. It's impacting every aspect of our lives and it sucks. It's not terrible terrible but it's not fun either. The worst part about it is that I find myself questioning if each new or changed behavior is teething. Teething is such a joke. I feel so bad for my little guy. Luckily he's still pretty happy, well, mostly happy. He's ready for his teeth to pop through so he can bite me.

OK, so what are the signs of teething?

But that can mean they are getting teeth right now, or sometime in the next 6 months right? Not really definitive.
putting everything in their mouth (hands, toys, etc). Don't babies do this anyhow? This seems like it could be developmental as well as a sign of teething, not really definitive either.
being fussy
. Um, babies get fussy sometimes. It could be for a variety of reasons (teething included).
Still not definitive.
diaper rash
. Can happen for any number of reasons.

The only definitive ways to know if it's really teething that I can tell are these - red, puffy gums with a white spot of pressure or teeth. We have the red gums with the white spots of pressure so where are the freaking teeth? It's getting old. I'm ready for them to get here already. We have days of fussy baby and then days of happy baby, we have days filled with drool, days with less drool, no diaper rash, and everything is in Q's mouth. We have red angry gums and still no teeth. Do you get the point? NO TEETH!

Our two newest teething remedies are an amber teething necklace and a mesh feeder with ice cubes of frozen breastmilk. They both seem to be helping actually. Other things we've tried include - cold wet washcloths to chew on, Boiron Camilia and Hyland's Teething Tablets, those cool ring toys you put in the fridge, our knuckles :)

What else can we try?

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