Sunday, August 30, 2009

My first sewing lesson

a self learned lesson really and something that is probably obvious to 99% of the people on the planet. I am not one of those people though.

My lesson is this - In sewing it's a good idea to pin, measure, iron, and generally plan ahead. I just wanted to cut things out and sew them together and in my head that seemed perfectly fine but WOW - it did not come out like it did in my head.

My mom had to come over last night and give me a lesson. After she left I actually sewed a 1/4inch hem around a piece of flannel and got it STRAIGHT! it wasn't hard but it was a little disappointing. Over half my time was spent doing stuff besides sewing - that stinks! I just wanted to sit down at my sewing machine and have amazing stuff come out. Oh well. I almost have an embellished receiving blanket and burp cloth to show you.

I have been busy with other things lately too - my almost crawling son that has become a serious kid in the past couple weeks and is full of energy and pizazz and thinks he's too good to take a nap. And I've fallen in love with this.

my new woven wrap and I'm always in love with this

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