Thursday, August 13, 2009


I have a birthday coming up next week and my family was lovely enough to get me a sewing machine this year! I'm SO excited to re-learn to sew. I see so many projects that I would love to do and I see many possibilities for future crafting.

Now that the sewing machine is on it's way (from amazon) I need to figure out what kind of projects I want to do when it gets here. If you've been around me recently you've probably heard me talk about the felt playmat I want to make for Mateo. I'm still planning it out in my head, but that will definitely be one of my first projects.

I also wanted to share a few others that I'm thinking of doing and invite suggestions for other projects. Do you want me to make you something? I have a pile of things to be hemmed already and my niece has a birthday coming up that I'm sure I could make something for.

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