Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Breastfeeding a 6 month old

Yet again, a lot has changed. Well, a lot and nothing really. Just lots of new quirks have developed. Let me see if I can remember them all... Well the most memorable is the dexterity he has with his hands and how much he wants to use them
while nursing. I say most memorable since I have two deep scratches on my breasts from last night and that's a pretty common occurance these days. If we're nursing laying down he has to be holding onto, scratching, whacking, tapping, twiddling, patting, pushing on my other breast and nipple. Soooo annoying. If we're in the nursing chair it's not much better since he does all the same stuff it's just on my face. It's just a matter of what that top arm has acess too.
He's still Mr. distractable nurser and even if he's not distracted sometimes he'll just refuse the boob altogether and instead want to use my breasts as a pillow or just a snuggle. This can be endlessly frustrating for me since I usually have leaky breasts while he's doing this and if I try to nurse he just purses his lips and wiggles his head around. He's also not doing much nursing to sleep anymore, he'll nurse for a while and then pull off and doze out while just looking at me. It's very sweet and encouraging that he'll develop his self soothing tools even more.

I've also had my mom and my husband notice this month that nursing is a full body activity for Q. He wriggles, he shimmies, his hands are going all over the place and his feet are kicking anything they can get a grip on to kick or push against. My body is feeling sort of abused by this little guy. I miss my sweet newborn cuddles and endless nursing sessions.

I'm also (un)happy to announce that Q celebrated his 6 month birthday waking his mom up by biting her nipple. Yow that hurt! It wasn't as horrifying as I expected it to be, but it was definitely not something I'd like to repeat.ever. you hear me you sleeping boy? don't bite mommy.

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