Monday, August 31, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

I almost forgot to post this, which wouldn't be a bad thing really because our week is a crazy one. I do want to write a little something about grocery shopping, frugality, couponing, meal planning, etc... but I have to have more rest before I can fill in all the blanks to connect my thoughts.

Anywho, here's our week

Monday - pizza/moving with Kent, Megan and the boys
Tuesday - my ONE planned meal of the week and it's not a very exciting one - jerk-y tofu stir fry with brown rice, pineapples and peas.
Wednesday - Sophia's birthday dinner at Seth and Bianca's
Thursday - Hot Point with Kent and Megan
Friday - dinner at home? thank goodness. I have no idea what we'll cook but I can make something up.. it'll probably be something easy - pasta with veggie sauce? that sounds good. Let's say that.

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