Friday, June 25, 2010

Boiling Hot

What do you do when it's too hot to play outside and you have an energetic toddler?

We're still trying to figure that out and so far it means we have to change activities about eleventy billion times a day. Here are a few of our favorite activities for being stuck inside. These are just a few of the more creative activities, we also spent about an hour yesterday banging two sticks together.

various pans, cereal, play food, measuring cups and some big spoons to make lots of noise

cornstarch and water were lots of fun and lots of mess

chairs and playsilks make a fort, or some very good peeka boo

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Picture Frame

I have some gift giving to do this summer and I came cross this cool picture frame idea on The Magic Onion. I love that waldorf-y wet on wet watercoloring effect and I think it looks gorgeous on the wood frame, which cost all of $1.29 at A.C. Moore and I think it came out really well.

I soaked the frame in water for about ten minutes, painted the frame, let it sit for a few minutes and used a towel to wipe it off and let it dry. Once it was really dry I finished it with some beeswax polish and went ahead and put a picture of my adorable niece in it.

I'll definitely be making more of these!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

Just another regular week. I'm starting to be more and more grateful when we realize on Sunday night that we have no plans for a week, just being at home with my guys is my favorite way to spend my time. Although a pedicure would be a nice way to spend my time too :)

Monday - summer veggie basil pasta
Tuesday - rice & chicken stir fry
Wednesday - black bean burgers & sweet potato fries
Thursday - balsamic-y chicken w/spinach salad
Friday - tuna melts or grill out?

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Kitchen Table

is full of projects...

I've got a wood nesting wave that I'm going to sand, paint and polish, some letters I'm writing to friends in Vermont, a felt crown for my nephews upcoming birthday and I've also got some wood discs and a wood burner to decorate and make a memory game and some random toys. There's also a father's day present that needs to get wrapped and a couch full of laundry to be folded. It's going to be a busy and fun weekend.

Oh and the avocado with the sticker on it? I don't know what that's about to tell you the truth, probably the work of my little troublemaker :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Remember the quilt I was working on a few weeks ago? Well I finished it!

I actually finished it a while ago and it's been getting lots of love and cuddles these last few weeks.

I love watching my house fill up with handmade items, and watching my son love them - it makes my heart all warm and fuzzy :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


On my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days was to start a baby book for Q. I'm obviously extremely overdue on this but I still wanted to do it.

On my trip to Vermont I came across this book by Nikki McClure. Nikki McClure's work amazes me, it's all cut out of paper with an x-acto knife! This certainly meets all my needs and I've already been filling it with memories and information.

I'm been digging through photos, facebook, various notes on the calendar, this blog and my personal journal to find lots of info to put in here, here's a peak of what I've done so far.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Was a blast!

Q and I flew up Friday morning and flew back late Sunday night for my high school reunion. My alma mater is so teeny tiny (I was one of the 9 in my graduating class) that there is a reunion every 4 years for any and all people who went to the school to attend. I knew very few people there this weekend but I had planned this trip with my two best girlfriends from high school and so it was mostly a reunion of the three of us, who hadn't seen each since August, and some of my favorite staff from the school. One of my favorite staff members has a son who is 6 days older than Q so they spent a lot of the weekend playing together.

The highlight of the trip for me was catching up with a good friend and former staff member who is now staying home with her two boys and running an in home daycare. Not only was it great to catch up with my friend but to let Q play at her house, full of natural toys and a great backyard where the boys ran naked in the sun playing in the water and dirt. Total boy time!

The most important reunion was with Vermont though - Burlington VT is absolutely gorgeous and has so many cool things going on in it. We spent quite a bit of time downtown, we found a great farmers market full of beautiful produce and locally made items. We got to spend some time at the waterfront looking at Lake Champlain but it was never enough, I'm ready to move to Vermont!

Monday, June 14, 2010


We got home late last night from our awesome trip to Vermont. I struggle with reentry on every trip I return from, so today is all about recovery, lots of sleep, lots of laundry and lots of lounging around the house doing nothing.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Gone Again

Leaving today for my high school reunion in Vermont. I haven't been there in at least five years and I can't wait to visit some of my very favorite places and people and introduce my little boy to all of them.

Photo from Travelpod

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Days

Are here.... It's been hot and we've been busy. Finally got some time these last few days to spend in the garden, watching the garden grow, contemplating life and playing in the dirt

our morning glories are big and bright and on our front steps

our herb garden is filling our kitchen with good smells

and look at our apple tree, they're getting big

and one of many basil plants that have provided me with enough pesto to fill a big tupperware in the fridge. Mmmmm

I love these bright sunny days. So does the little one, especially when I pull out some popsicles we made with leftover breakfast smoothies

Monday, June 7, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

Another crazy week. Leaving Friday for my high school reunion in Vermont.

Monday - leftover lentil soup and challah bread
Tuesday - grilled corn & tacos
Wednesday - spinach ravioli with pesto & spinach salad
Thursday - chicken casserole or lasagna - something with leftovers to leave for the husband
Friday - departing.