Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Babywearing Update

We’ve been working on mastering back carries and today we tried the back carry in our Kozy (mei tai) and had great success! I tried the back carry in the kozy a month or so ago and didn’t have great luck. Before we had tried the newborn high back carry with his legs froggied but today we unfroggied them (which we’ve been doing in the front carries lately) and it went great! In fact, the Q is asleep on my back as I type this and dinner is bubbling away on the stove. Finally! I can cook while babywearing! woohoo

Sunday, June 28, 2009


did I spell that right?

I feel like I’m not doing a very good job at all this mom stuff sometimes. I’m sure I’m doing fine and as my mom has reminded me - I am the best mom for Q. Whatever that means :)

I think we may finally be in the stage where I need to start putting the boy in bibs. I’m so sick of changing his outfits all the time because of one reason or another. I think sometimes I change them too readily because of being wet on the front or having some poop on them or something but I don’t know - is my child just more of a mess than everyone else’s? or am I just really bad at keeping him clean? He’s starting to outgrow his small diapers so I put him in a medium FuzziBunz this morning and it fit good around the waist but the leg holes were gaping open and of course I noticed but decided to just leave it. Well now I have peed on sheets and another outfit change. ugh.

So here’s a bib question for you - do I put him in bibs that came with the outfit he’s wearing? Do I try to make them match? or do I just give up caring (which will happen eventually I’m sure) and put him whatever bib I grab first. Speaking of which, I don’t think I have a lot of bibs. Nellie did give me a supercute one that says “bald is beautiful” that wasn’t really accurate for her read headed boy Kieran. Speaking of bibs though - I saw this tutorial for a bib and I really want to make it. Maybe I’ll just make my own bibs and make them solid colored or simple graphic patterns so they can go with most anything….

In other news, I’m going to be hosting a K14 Playdate at my house this month. I had fun at the last one I went to and it’s nice to see babies of different ages all in the same room and get some support from other moms and advice and whatnot. Spending time with these moms is helping me to get outside of my own world/head. Most of them are very mainstream in some things I’m not mainstream about but I kind of like that. I think I’m more mainstream than some people think I am (at least sometimes). At our last playgroup they were all about the moby wrap and we had fun playing with it.

OK, B has had Q for quite a whole now and I should go give him a break. maybe a nap? I took one today but it left me groggy and feeling guilty. Q and I were asleep in bed and he woke up and I wanted to stay asleep so I hollered at B to come get him and little did I know he had just laid down on the couch to take a nap when my hollering woke him up. I was groggy and out of it so I just handed him Q and said “take him” and he did. Poor guy. I think Q and I are gonna go out and buy an arsenal of teething crap - teething tablets, baby motrin, those squishy teething rings, boiron chamomillia, clove oil, orajel? What else??!

I really don’t know when teething starts, I read online all these symptoms and Q has so many of them but how do i KNOW?! Yesterday was the first time I really thought it could be teething because he woke up crying his “i’m in pain” cry and nothing would fix it. Finally the “geographical cure” worked (ie. taking him in the backyard) and I put him in the bumbo and gave him a cold wet washcloth to chew on. He was happier but still a little perturbed - is that teething? I’m not overly certain but I guess it sounds like it. right?