Thursday, September 17, 2009

101 in 1001

This is big. I really want to do this. This list was also really hard to make. The harder it was the more meaningful some of the things on the list became, and some silly ones made the cut too.

My mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in 1001 days (~2.75 years)
Inspired by: Day Zero


1. send a secret to
Post Secret
2. write a fan letter
3. become a CPST
4. join a book club
5. give blood
6. go to a baseball game with my grandpa
7. fill one journal
8. write a poem
9. complete our wedding album
10. read Time Magazines Top Ten Books of all Time
11. Get a PenPal
12. Do CPR/First Aid Certification
13. read the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
14. pan for gems at the State Fair
15. complete a 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle
16. Join a CSA
17. dye my hair (3/10/10)
18. take an art class (sculptural needle felting April 2010)
19. sew a quilt (5/22/2010)
20. knit a sweater
21. lose 30 pounds (in progress)
22. Pay for a strangers meal in a restaurant
23. go to a broadway show
24. see Casablanca (done 11/11/09)
25. finish reading Harry Potter
26. fast for Ramadan
27. learn how to can (July 2010)
28. go to the movies. alone. (done 1/31/10)
29. get my root canal finished
30. read Bill Bryson's 'A Short History of nearly everything'
31. organize all my loose recipes
32. buy and hang 'y las dos fridas'
33. have a yard sale
34. go skinny-dipping
35. go ice skating
36. attend a meditation retreat
37. join the YMCA (Feb 2010)
38. sell something I made
39. Post something on
(Rug! 9/21/09)
40. sleep under the stars
41. sleep 8 hours straight (ha!)
42. *private goal*
43. get a wii
44. hike a section of the AT
45. get new glasses (December 09)
46. scan old family photos (January 2010 for Grandpa's memorial)
47. log 100 miles in 100 days with my strollerometer
48. call Christina
49. attend a birth besides my own (Lorelei 4/8/2010)
50. grow sunflowers (planted 5/12/2010)
51. go tubing
52. get a bike
53. organize my photo boxes
54. for every book I bring into my home, let one go
(In:5 Out:13)
55. host a giveaway on my blog (2/3/2010)
56. get a nice set of flannel bedding
57. dress up for halloween
(Completed 10/31/09)
58. hem all my pants to the correct length (can you believe I've never done this?)
59. write at least one (snail mail) letter a month
60. get a professional family portrait taken
61. attend a midnight mass

With/For Q
62. Start a college fund for Q (3/8/2010)
63. Take Q to an art museum
64. Take Q on a city bus (Completed 1/22/09)
65. Write Q's birth story
66. start some sort of baby book/scrapbook for Q (started 6/13/2010)
67. Get Q a birth certificate
(Completed 12/3/09)
68. take Q to church where we were married
69. Paint 'on the day you were born' canvas (I'll have to explain this one later)
70. Take a baby sign language class
(Completed December 2009)
71. introduce Q to my great aunts
(Completed November 15th 2009)
72. EC exclusively for a full week
73. introduce Q to Rami and Reem
74. take a swim class with Q
75. take a mom and baby music class

With/For B
76. Pay off all consumer debt
(in progress)
77. have another child
78. bring B a picnic lunch at work
79. take an overnight with husband, without child
80. create a will
81. get a safety deposit box (3/8/2010)

82. Go to FRFF
83. Visit Rock Point School (July 2010)
84. Take my family to New Mexico
85. Go to NYC
86. Take Q overseas
87. Go swimming in the ocean
88. Take Q camping (5/15/2010)

89. serve food at a homeless shelter
90. participate in a
march of dimes walk (Scheduled for April 24, 2010)
91. take part in buy nothing day
92. attend a political rally
93. Use all of B's community service time doing service as a family

94. make
Tom Kha Gai soup
95. make homemade marshmallows (3/11/10)
96. make my own puff pastry
97. get an enameled cast iron dutch oven
98. make pesto with a mortar and pestle
99. learn to make an awesome sangria
100. take a wilton cake decorating class
101. Join Tuesday's With Dorie
(Joined 9/22/09)


  1. This is a great list! Now I hate to be nitpicky but goals 44 and 60 are the same. So you have room for one more!

  2. Thank you for noticing! I have had the damndest time getting the right number. I thought I had 101 last night and I counted this morning and had 112! Now I can put one of those back in!

  3. have you met Christina yet?!?!?

  4. item 10 = 10 books = 10 goals, no?