Thursday, September 10, 2009

Amazing and Annoying

My son that is. He's becoming such a curious kid these past few weeks and there is no end of distractions and excitement in his world. As you can imagine this interferes with things like sleep, nursing, and general calmness and contentment. But what we gave up in those things we've gained in having a kid who is fascinated by books, by our faces, by our hands, by his toes, but the dog, by clouds, by his toys and by anything else you can think of. Every cast of light and breeze is something new to be explored and understood, even my shirt can provide a lot of contemplation and playing to explore how it folds, bunches, can be chewed on, pulled, etc.

I love to see his world expand by such leaps and bounds, I want him to explore everything and ask questions and make sense of things and experience everything. The problem is that I also want some rest, I want to be able to sit down at my computer for a minute and not have him scream because he just stuck his finger in his eye or gagged himself and threw up or because he pushed the ball in the corner and can't get it or he pushed himself in the corner and can't get out.

It's fun to take him out doing errands during this phase because he's fascinated by everywhere we go - the lights, the sounds, the people.... We went to the vet this past week and wow was that exciting. While being out in public is exciting he also must reach out and try to touch everything. His version of touch also includes putting it in his mouth, so everywhere we go and everything we do has just gotten exponentially more difficult. He's amazing, this time period is a little annoying though.

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