Friday, September 4, 2009

Go Bananas

In my latest attempts at frugality as a stay-at-home-mom I've been stopping by the grocery store most mornings after taking my husband to work. It's right next to the house and super convenient so we stop most mornings and check out their close-out sections. The produce is what interests me, you see - they put all the stuff that's ripe and needing to be eaten that day on that close-out shelf and mark it 'priced to sell' - and it's a ton of stuff. I usually take it home and cook with it that day, or I just pop it in the freezer. This morning I got pounds upon pounds of bananas. What to do with all these bananas? Well the obvious - baby food. Yes, but I spent some time googling (and ran across an old schoolmates blog) and found some other things I think we'll be trying with the bananas

one ingredient ice cream

chocolate and nut covered frozen bananas

Now what should I do with my 12 cans of tomatoes that cost me a total of $2 and my 10 bell peppers... freeze them? the bell peppers that is.


  1. Let me know how you like that banana ice cream, if you try it! And also, I find that the best thing to make with canned tomatoes is spaghetti sauce. You could make a bunch and freeze it?

  2. Stuffed peppers for dinner & then cut up and freeze the rest for using over the winter when peppers are like $1.50 each!