Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beginning Sewing Projects

I've been working on a few beginners sewing projects and some have been winner and some have been big fat losers.

I made some of those cute burpcloths I mentioned a while back and they came out pretty sucky - I'm not good at sewing curves so far. Or at cutting things straight or symmetrical. That was my very first project though and that's okay with me. I've ended up putting them to good use in my house despite their imperfect seams - they live in a basket next to the high chair and are used for the all necessary wipedown of the boys face and hands after dinner.

I made two 'boy' ones and two 'girl' ones

I also made some cloth baby wipes. These actually came out very nice, terry on one side and a cotton flannel on the other. Unfortunately I learned a valuable lesson about seam allowances with these and had some unraveling to deal with in the wash. I ended up taking them apart and re-sewing them with a bigger seam allowance and they're just fine now. Cute too.

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