Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Was a blast!

Q and I flew up Friday morning and flew back late Sunday night for my high school reunion. My alma mater is so teeny tiny (I was one of the 9 in my graduating class) that there is a reunion every 4 years for any and all people who went to the school to attend. I knew very few people there this weekend but I had planned this trip with my two best girlfriends from high school and so it was mostly a reunion of the three of us, who hadn't seen each since August, and some of my favorite staff from the school. One of my favorite staff members has a son who is 6 days older than Q so they spent a lot of the weekend playing together.

The highlight of the trip for me was catching up with a good friend and former staff member who is now staying home with her two boys and running an in home daycare. Not only was it great to catch up with my friend but to let Q play at her house, full of natural toys and a great backyard where the boys ran naked in the sun playing in the water and dirt. Total boy time!

The most important reunion was with Vermont though - Burlington VT is absolutely gorgeous and has so many cool things going on in it. We spent quite a bit of time downtown, we found a great farmers market full of beautiful produce and locally made items. We got to spend some time at the waterfront looking at Lake Champlain but it was never enough, I'm ready to move to Vermont!

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