Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Question of Quality

In the land of baby gear there is so much to be had, to be longed after, and most importantly to buy. We try to feel it out as we go- the whole 'is this worth it?' thing when it comes to nice baby stuff. We're both of the mentality that we'd rather buy something quality, spend more money on it and have it last rather than buy cheap and end up replacing it. However, we also don't need every baby item out there, not even close, not even the ones you're told you absolutely must have.

It's the worst when you do spend money buying a good quality item and then it ends up NOT being quality and you have to replace it with another quality and pricey item. It's also the worst when you buy something that's pricey and it ends up being great and you want more. That's what happened to me this week.

The world of cloth diapering and the degree to which some moms are into cloth diapers reminds me of being in middle school and trading magic cards, beanie babies, pogs, all those fads. It's intense. I am somewhere in the middle of being totally up to date on cloth diapering stuff and being someone who just buys some plain old diapers and moves on, not exploring other kinds, etc. I like to try lots of different things but I have a budget to work within and can't afford to go crazy. There are some expensive diapers out there. One mom told me the other day that she saw a wool soaker on ebay go for $300. Crazy!! I mean your kid is going to
poop in it. poop!

There are a couple brands of diapers outside my price range that are popular and I managed to snag one last week for a really really low price, needless to say I was little bit embarrassed to have such a fancy thing my child was going to poop in and excited to see what all the fuss was about. Well, I'm very upset because you know what? I LOVE it. I don't even care about its cuteness. It's so soft and it
stays so soft after washing and drying repeatedly, it's insanely absorbent and the trimmest diaper I've used. I cannot afford to buy another one of these diapers, I seriously can't. For the moms that DO use this brand of cloth diapers exclusively (owning 20+ of them) I'm sure they are paying more for cloth than disposables and while some people are okay with that, saving some money is a part of the reason we chose to go with cloth.

Without further ado - I'll show you the
Goodmama diaper...

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