Monday, August 10, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Yesterday I sat down in front of the computer and went to my grocery store's website and downloaded the weekly flier. Using the flier and the coupons I had clipped out today I came up with our weekly meal plan. From the meal plan I made a grocery list and then added some staples to it that we consume throughout the day. Then we went to the grocery store and shopped methodically and with as little impulse buying as possible. We saved $35 and spent $70 (before batteries, which, even with coupons cost a lot!) and we have groceries for this week and we were able to stock up on quite a few things too. Like juice. We have big bottles of our favorite juices in our cabinet since we got a really good deal. And dishwashing detergent, we figured out that we have enough for something like 90 loads of the dishwasher for $3.50.

Anyhow, here's our meal plan for this week. We have some dinner stuff through the next week too but I'll post only the meal plan for this work week.

Monday - spicy tofu stir fry with brown rice
Tuesday - grilled chicken with roasted zucchini, summer squash, and rice pilaf
Wednesday - mexican stuffed bell peppers, or burritos, or both. something mexican.
Thursday - creamy linguini with summer veggies - peas.
Friday - birthday dinner with family. I'm turning 26 baby!

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