Monday, January 4, 2010


My mother in law and a group of her friends were kind enough to make this quilt for Q. I absolutely love it, I plan to hang it on the wall because I love it so much and want to look at it all the time. I love it for so many reasons, the colors, the pictures, the beautiful pattern, the fact that it was made by a group of women who were thinking about me and my baby when they put their hard work into this. Mmmmmmm. so sweet. Without further ado... let me show you around our new quilt

Nine beautiful photos. The center is the picture we used on his birth announcement, with his name and birth info around it

I just love this face

and the reminder of those first sweet smiles during his first week at home with us. I even love this face

and I really adore this blissed out daddy face

and there's some blissed out momma as well

and precious sweet little toes

and check out this gorgeous backing, I love the fabric combos they used.

The littlest one has stamped it with his seal of approval (drool).


  1. That is such an amazing gift. As you said, to know there was a group of women thinking of you and your baby while making it just makes it the most special treasure. An heirloom in the making!

  2. Thank you for this post. You take great pictures. I'll send the link to Good Eats.

  3. Wow that is surely the most fabulous and special baby quilt ever! I LOVE batik fabrics and the photos and the love behind it, perfection!

  4. Betsy Murray: Yay for the Pirate Quilters! Helen Dezendorf, Robin Mallernee, Sylvia Robin, Sarah Jane Thomas and Betsy Murray made this Quilt for Qais.