Friday, January 8, 2010


I love being a mom. I love passing on traditions to my son and this is a fun one. I remember playing with these with my mom when I was little. Please Cards.

The idea is that there are 4 different colored cards that have different types of activities/suggestions on them, your little one picks a card for you to do together.

My mom gave them to me after Q was born and while he's definitely not old enough to pick one (except to chew on) they have inspired me during these cold days stuck inside.

Some are indoor and some are outdoor activities, some quick and some are for when you have some time. I've picked a few over the past couple days and done them just to mix things up in our usual nurse, sleep, play on the living room floor routine.

There are some blank cards for adding your own activities to the deck. Finding my mothers handwriting on some of these old cards has made me smile.

I think I would like to make a set for my niece and nephew, pass this fun tradition on.

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