Sunday, January 24, 2010

On The Town

There are few things I like to do more than explore my own town on public transit. My family has been in town visiting, including my über cute nephew from California, and on Friday I ventured out on the bus with Q and nephew in tow.

If I thought taking the bus was fun, taking the bus with a two and a half year old was just amazing, he was so into it. We talked about every aspect of the bus, the doors opening and shutting, the people getting on - where are they going? where are they coming from? why? we looked at the buildings outside, we talked about bus stops and bus drivers and how some are men and some are women. We talked about the seats in the front, and in the back, and when the bus got full we talked about how you can hold on to the poles and stand up. It really was quite an adventure, and a long bus ride too. Q was no less amazed, he just doesn't have the language yet to ask so many questions, well that and the fact that he is equally as amazed by his big kid cousin and observed quietly the whole time we were on the bus.

We took the bus up to Franklin St (main drag) to go to the childrens museum Kidzu. This was our first visit to the museum and it was wonderful! Not large in size but huge in creativity and quality. There was a tots area in the back for 24months and under but Q wasn't really interested in that, he wanted to be watching and chasing after the big kids.

So many wonderful interactive displays and both kids had a wonderful time. There was so much to do

My favorite was the food area, there was a play farmer's market, then a cafe, kitchen, compost, garden, farming area, then back to the farmer's market.

It was a wonderful day and we all needed naps when we got home

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