Thursday, January 28, 2010

Crafty Discipline

We've been out of the craft groove lately and I've been looking for a way back in. I finally had a little talk with myself yesterday, I reminded myself how much it helps my mental health when I sit down and do something with my hands. I have so many projects in the works but they all involve unpacking boxes I still haven't unpacked yet, so I went for something simple, and something that could be done here and now. Origami. and I just happen to have a lovely book for this upcoming valentines month.

Like any discipline (which I think crafting is) I think the sitting down and starting is always the hardest part. I felt better just clearing that hurdle and I definitely feel inspired to dive back into some of my bigger projects now. Here are a few of the things I made yesterday

and my favorte - a heart ring. I think this one will have a home on our nature table for the valentines season.

I vow to complete and feature more of my craft projects on this blog over the next few weeks. If I say it then it will come true right?

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