Monday, November 30, 2009

Fevers and Folk Remedies

The littlest one has been sick for the past few days - fever, diarrhea, throwing up, snotty nose, etc. This is his first time being sick and it stinks! I am struggling with the fever the most - let it go or treat it? I know a fever has an important job and I want to let it do that job "burning up the germs", but I also can't stand to see my boy so lethargic and unhappy. Last night as the fever crept up I decided to try out some natural ways of lowering the fever, or at least making Q more comfortable. Cool washclothes on his head, a tepid bath, lots of skin to skin with momma all seemed to help. We also tried a few other things people told us about - lemons boiled and putting warm cloths soaked in the lemon juice around his legs and we also tried an onion by the bed as he sleeps. I can't say that either worked miracles but we all slept much better last night. We did try a little tylenol when the thermometer topped 103 but it was mostly spit out and we didn't try again. Today he's been pretty steady with a 100-101 temp. Poor baby. I'm looking forward to this being behind us, I want my happy and playful boy back. So... you got any other home remedies we should try?

On a side note - Many people believe that fevers help to shape the child and help their being evolve. I don't know if I believe that but I do know that he's not quite the same kid he was before this sickness, he's different and I can't quite explain it.

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