Thursday, November 19, 2009

Decisions decisions decisions....

I know I'm a bit biased but everything Q does is amazing. I've been enjoying watching his personality develop since day 1, but these past few weeks are just amazing. He's crawling everywhere now and I love watching him have control over his choices about where to go, what to play with, who to follow (the dog!), etc. I just love watching his personality emerge.

Here's a good example of the budding decision maker
On the back porch blowing bubbles, Q decides to explore.....

the steps

exploring the edge. He would get up and rock back and forth like he was gonna keep going but stop short, go back to his belly and look at it, and start the whole process over again

decides to just sit and play with the leaves over the edge and forget about trying to go over. This is so his dad.

Stopped caring about going over the edge, watched the dog play, played with the leaves

and then... he slipped.

but recovered quickly. with a bonk on the noggin

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