Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday Bundt Cake

I know I've already mentioned this but I really feel like we we went from summer straight into the holiday season and I have had a hard time adjusting. Well consider me adjusted! because this cake made my whole house smell like thanksgiving, all the pies rolled into one yummy bundt cake that I can't stop snacking on. mmmmm...

So Tuesday's With Dorie has been a little different this month. Because of the holidays there are 4 recipes for the month but each participant can cook them on whichever Tuesday they like. It's fun to see people making things I made last week and also to see what I'll be making next week. When I saw this cake pop up on other peoples blogs last week I wasn't all that excited, but I had all the ingredients on hand today so I went for it. It's pumpkin cake at the base, with nutmeg and fresh ginger that are very fragrant and delicious, cranberries, diced apple and pecans mixed in complete all the thanksgiving flavors. It was almost a one bowl cake and was super easy to make. It also wasn't super dense or rich which is a relief from some other TWD recipes.

Thank you to Britin at The Nitty Bitty for choosing this All-In-One Holiday Bundt Cake and as always, check out the rest of the Tuesday's With Dorie bloggers.

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