Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Note To Self

Don't forget this. Q is changing so much these days and I don't want to forget.

He loves water - dog bowls, bathtub, the sink, pool, it doesn't matter.

He says Mama, Dada, Greta ('Deta'), and answers 'yeah'. It's so cute when you ask him if he wants to go outside and he says 'yeah' and goes over to the door all ready to go. He signs 'dog' and 'fan' more than anything else but can also sign 'work' 'more' 'cookie' 'milk'

He loves balloons and ceiling fans almost as much as he loves water. Getting the balloon at the grocery store is one of his favorite things. Turning the ceiling fans on and off can always cure a bad mood.

He points at things all the time and then he will take his hands and turn your face where he wants you to look. Having a 14 month old take your face in his hands and turn it and then point for you to show you something is the sweetest thing ever.

He loves to be in the garden with his bucket and shovel on his dirt pile.

He loves to watch the big kids on the playground or on playdates. He loves dolls, puppets or anything with a face - it always makes him laugh.

He's walking everywhere now and is so cute stomping around with his arms up at his sides, he gets more and more stable everyday but Greta still knocks him over a lot.

He is such a pro at stacking blocks lately, last night he got 6 blocks stacked up carefully before knocking them over. He enjoys the building much more than the knocking them over.

Besides Mama Milk his favorite food is still yogurt, but other recent favorites are oranges, crackers and cheese and eggs and toast. Eating solids are still pretty hit and miss, some days he eats three big meals and some days, nothing but milk.

The biggest heart-melting thing he's doing right now is giving kisses. Mostly to his Mama but he'll sometimes give them to others and sometimes even to his dolls or puppets


  1. he loves little kids, too! at least, he loves his lorelei friend.

  2. i used to love turning on lights. so i totally get it, qais.