Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wooden Growth Chart

I've been neglecting my 'current' and 'recent' projects list over on the right side there and I'm feeling bad about it. I've been getting back into my crafty stuff lately and have completely neglected to take pictures or blog about it. The lists need an update but first I want to explain and move some of them around. First, the growth chart.

I had this idea when Q was a couple months old that I would like to make him a growth chart. My dad is a contractor and has a shop full of wood and tools so I asked him to cut me a piece of wood 5 1/2 feet tall by about 10 inches wide. My plan was to make the bottom be the 2 foot mark and then have it go to 7 feet, with room to paint his name or otherwise decorate the very top. I don't know exactly how I was gonna decorate it, maybe a vine growing up the side, maybe paint it very simple... I dunno.

But you know what happened when my dad brought me the piece of wood? he brought me this

I couldn't have asked for a better growth chart cause you know what? Grandpa made it for his Grandson. I love handmade pieces and handmade with love from your family is even better.

Since this one was created he has also made a growth chart for his Granddaughter, my niece Sophia - with her whole name on it.

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