Friday, February 5, 2010

Hearts In The Home

Thank you to everyone entering my giveaway! I'll leave it open until Feb 11th. Until then I'll keep on blabbering (and blogging) away about what's going on in our house.

We're trying to cheer ourselves up while the weather outside is gross. We're always looking for reasons to celebrate in our house and I love celebrating holidays. No matter how small and trivial they may seem I love the way holidays serve as markers of our year and we can measure how things have changed when we look back on our past holidays. Like Valentines Day. I know a lot of Valentines Day is commercial (and annoying) but I've never really disliked it personally, it's a day focused on love - what could be better than that?

In honor of the upcoming holiday (and the rediscovery of our cookie cutter collection) the little boy and I made some heart cookies.

a simple sugar cookie recipe and a bucketful of cookie cutter is always a fun rainy day activity

They were so beautiful and tasty right out of the oven that I forgot to take their picture and then last night I finally got around to icing them. Confectioners sugar, milk and lots of food coloring...

I promise they weren't quite that electric colored (I took this at night and can't get the white balance right) , but they were pretty darn close.

While making these cookies and thinking about Valentines Day I noticed all the hearts we have around our house, I thought that for the rest of the month I'd feature some of these hears and tell you a little bit about them. Look for lots of things heart-y in the coming weeks.


  1. The holidays have an entirely new meaning now that children are involved. I was also laughing about this change over on my site. I have this urgent need to craft SOMETHING to reflect the time of year or holiday. I mean, Arbor Day is going to be out of control, right??? EARTH DAY? Be still, my heart!

  2. Love! yes. I try not to get caught up in the commercialism of it. Just show the love!

    Where did you get the assortment of heart cutters? They're great.

  3. Thank you! I don't know where they are originally from, they were passed to me along with a big tin full of old cookie cutters