Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chocolate - Better Late (and Dark) Than Never

Sorry for the late posting of this weeks Tuesday's With Dorie, but life is as always full and wonderful (and fantastic).

Yet again, it's chocolate on the menu. This week may have put me over the top for my chocolate quota, eating uncooked brownie will do that to you. Yup, the center of these fudgy brownies never cooked for me (even after adding 7 minutes to the cooking time). I mean, they say they are delicate and should be gooey but I honestly felt sick after eating the center piece. Ugh. That said, they were delicious really. Just watch out for that gooey center piece. They fulfilled all brownie, ooey gooey chocolatey desires I had (and frequently have).

I liked how this recipe was different - you divide the egg mixture in half, one half you mix into the chocolate and the other half you whip until it's doubled in size and then carefully fold into the batter. I think it was this subtle difference that made these brownies fudgey but not dense. Decadent but still delicate. Mmmm. They were much appreciated in this household - can you tell?

Thank you to Tanya at Chocolatechic for choosing these and as always check out the rest of the TWD bloggers here.


  1. There is no "chocolate quota" as far as I'm concerned! These look super delicious, and I loooove gooey cakey chocolate!

  2. Mmmm, those look fantstic! So rich and chocolatey.