Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Milk Chocolate Mini (notquite) Bundt Cakes

My dad doesn't think Tuesday's With Dorie is ever anything but chocolate, I keep telling him it's not always chocolate, but this week I have to prove him right - it's chocolate. Good good good chocolate. Chocolate on chocolate with a nutty chocolate swirl. yummmm.

Of course I didn't have a mini bundt cake on hand so I improvised and used some old pans I had in the cabinet. Sort of look like mini bundt cakes right?

This recipe really intimidated me in the book, I think part of the reason the TWD recipes often intimidate me is that there are like 3 separate recipes, one for the filling, one for the cake, and one for the topping and they all have multiple ingredients. but when I actually get in there and start it's really simple, it's just mixing a few things together and setting them aside in a bowl for later use, not that hard. Basically it was a nice simple chocolate cake recipe (that I didn't despise for once!) and a mix of nuts, cocoa and sugar and then a bittersweet chocolate top to drizzle over the mini cakes. Mine were so small that instead of making 6 mini bundts I had 16 mini whatever these are. They overflowed a good amount too, and I had a hard time with putting one scoop in and then some of the nut mixture and then another scoop in because my pans were so little! it was like, put a tablespoon (or even less!) of batter in and then another tablespoon on top of the nut mixture. Luckily, they turned out wonderful! They slid right out of the pans and were so cute. The topping didn't really work out for me that well. It was supposed to be some chocolate, some light corn syrup and then optional nuts (that I omitted) and then drizzled over the cakes. Well the chocolate looked lovely and then when I added the corn syrup it got all thick and grainy and there was no way it was gonna look pretty or drizzle over the cakes. I scrapped that and just melted some bittersweet chocolate and drizzled that over the cakes. I think it came out looking lovely and tasted even better! who needs corn syrup?! not me!

These were sooo yummy. I probably should have cooked them for a few minutes less than I did, but even so they were delishhh. I even had one for breakfast!

Super big thank you to Kristin of I'm Right About Everything and as always check out the other amazing bloggers here

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  1. Your cakes look great! Thanks for baking with me this week!