Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Such a WIP-y Wednesday here. The fall air has filled me with motivation (or maybe it was the dark chocolate...) either way - my house smells like applesauce (again) and my kitchen table is full of various projects. I like it this way, full of projects :)

Here's a peak around the house

mmmmmm. applesauce

the first knitting project I've started in ages. Cozy socks for my little toddler

and a pumpkin hat for halloween that should be a quick project

The beginning of a new sewing project. My niece who visited this past weekend requested a purse like the one I made for myself, of course hers will be pink with monkeys :)

and I checked out Amanda Soule's Handmade Home from the library this week and found this pattern for a bath mat that is perfect for some terry cloth I had laying around.

Wow. that's a lot of projects going on for me. Considering the real WIP (Q) doesn't give me too much downtime these days. And now for the last WIP of the night.

Anyone want to come and fold my laundry for me?

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