Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Well those book reports didn't happen. yet. Oops. But really, it's been crazy around here. We had an unexpected weekend long visit from some family. Always a wonderful thing really. Especially with the fall weather (!!!) and when there are cousins for Q to play with

and then yesterday I got my practice in for being a stay at home to a toddler and an infant while watching a friend's kid for the day. I had quite a few moments of "I can totally do this" followed closely with "omg, how will I ever be able to handle this?!". Let's just say I was happy that it only took 45 minutes to get both kids out of the house, between feedings, diapers, naps, clothes, loads back and forth to the car, it was a pretty busy day for not really doing much.

Between the cousins, and the day yesterday we've been going going going, so today (and tomorrow) we're going to lay as low as possible. We have plans as usual but they don't extend further than our neighborhood park. I'm canning the last of our apples tonight (and making an apple pie - below), and tomorrow I'm going to attempt to bake challah bread (wish me luck!), I also have a incredibly huge stack of library books all about education (I'm on another schooling kick right now), and I pulled out my box of yarn and have been pouring over my ravelry queu. So yeah, even staying home we'll keep busy. Not to mention our yard - I'll tell you all about that very soon!

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