Saturday, August 7, 2010


For Mother's Day I bought myself a subscription to Living Crafts magazine, if you don't know the magazine - it's awesome. Full of great patterns, tutorials, inspiring photos and great articles. I have been ear marking patterns I want to do for a while and this week I was thumbing through the summer issue and came across this quick easy butterfly decoration. I decided to make it one afternoon while Q was sleeping and hang it from a branch above our nature table.

I just took some random bits of colorful wool roving, in sections about 6 inches long and an inch or two wide

then I folded them end over end and with a 6 inch long piece of pipe cleaner I made the little rectangles into butterflies, twisting the pipe cleaners to close them up.

then I turned down the ends of the butterfly antenna by rolling them over a pen, then I put embroidery floss around the middle and hung them up on a branch.

I really like how they turned out, they really brighten up our house

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