Thursday, August 19, 2010


on the list was to learn to can. This summer was the perfect time to learn, so much produce at the farmers market and in our own garden.

At the beginning of the summer I used up an amazon gift card and bought these three items -canning tools, water bath canner, and one of the Ball complete book home preserving. I have loved flipping through the book at all the fun recipes, I have so many ideas for things I want to do in the future - brandied peaches, tomato sauces, juice concentrates, apple pie filling. I would love to have a pantry full of food I've put away for the year. Someday I will...

Here is a small portion of the four things I've canned this year, I just pulled out a jar or two of each to take a picture of. There's strawberry and blueberry jam (which were by far the easiest things to can) and then there's pickled peppers and canned crushed tomatoes. I haven't tried the peppers or tomatoes yet but the jams were unbelievably yummy. I also made a bunch of bread and butter pickles a few weeks ago but they were so yummy that they're just about gone already!

I'm really so glad I learned how to can. It's really easy and fun and I love looking in the pantry and amid the various things I've bought to see things I made - even picked (like the blueberries) and then preserved is so great!

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