Friday, August 6, 2010


I love summer cuisine. I love living in a place that grows amazing fruits and vegetables. My diet this past week has been pesto, tomato sandwiches and blueberries, so many blueberries. We've been blueberry crazy around here lately. We've gone picking every few days (or more) these past few weeks and I've lost count at how many pounds we've brought home, but it's a lot.

(this was just one days's worth)

Here are some of the things we've done with our berries.

frozen them

canned them

and eaten them. a lot.

I've tried a couple different recipes and so far the favorites have been this blueberry cobbler and this blueberry cream pie. I have these blueberry (spinach) bars in the oven right now and this blueberry zucchini bread planned for later.

We're also been eating blueberries by the handfulls at just about every meal and I have a dehydrator going on the table right now with dried blueberries and blueberry fruit leather. But you know what? Of all the different ways to eat blueberries my favorite is this

fresh, with vanilla ice cream.

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