Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easy Peasy Homemade Hooded Towels

Q is getting to be a wild man these days and his curiosity and endless energy means a lot more baths, hence the need for more towels. I found a towel at the thrift store a while back that had a washcloth sewn coming off the side in the center, it was sewn down to create a pocket and it got me thinking about how I could make one that would work for Q. I came up with 2 variations and so far we're liking them both. These are super easy to sew hooded towels

I got some cheap-o bath towels and coordinating hand towels at wal-mart, they actually had a bunch of colors on clearance when I went, score!

so first I folded and cut the hand towels in half vertically. Then I found the center of the bath towel and pinned and sewed them together.

I chose to sew them on top of each other instead of a turned seam because these were both finished edges and I didn't want the turned seam edge against Q's neck.

For version 1 (which is sort of like what I found at the thrift store) I folded the hand dowel down and sewed 2 seams at a diagnal, closing the hood but also creating 'ears' on either side of the hood that would not only be cute, but keep the hood snug on his head.

I love the way this one came out, I want to make another one in more puppy dog colors for my little dog lover

For version 2 I sewed the top section of the hand towel together width wise

which created a classic hood

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