Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TWD: Split Level Pudding

This weeks Tuesday's With Dorie was Split Level Pudding chosen by Garret at Flavor of Vanilla - a simple vanilla pudding on top with a hidden bottom of chocolate ganache. Dorie offered a lot of variations you could do to spice up the vanilla pudding (mocha, rasberry, etc..) but I decided to just do the vanilla/chocolate combo. The recipe came together very quickly and was the quickest TWD I've done so far. It was a very simple dessert and yet, I managed to mess it up! The pudding was fine, my husband loved it and I was like "eh, it's pudding, whatever" but the ganache (that I've made so many times before) didn't come out the right texture at all! It just didn't get that shiny melted ganache-ness about it and so it was a little grainy in texture. Oh well. As you can see we didn't mind too much I don't think I would make this again really, maybe I'm just not a pudding person. I am however a ganache person, when done right it's delicious!

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