Sunday, October 25, 2009

State Fair

The State Fair was in town this past week and Q and I went. We chose Tuesday midday as the best time thinking it wouldn't be too crowded and boy we were wrong! Maybe the fair is always crowded....
I had a few things in mind in particular that I remembered from going to the State Fair when I was a kid. First, I wanted to pan for gems. I also wanted to find maple cotton candy and walk down the midway. The panning for gems wasn't there!? what a tragedy. The maple cotton candy was though and I got 4 bags! I've already given away 3 of them though. I also got some honey cotton candy.

I was really excited for "fair food" but didn't end up getting anything besides a six dollar lemonade. I think I was more excited by the idea of fair food than the actual food itself.

Some of it did look good though....

The boy slept on my back most of the time until he decided he was starving. One of the best finds of the fair was this:

There were 5 'mothers rooms' around the fair and it was quite a relief to have a quiet place with comfy chairs to go and nurse my distractable boy.

I just love the fair, it's so iconic and old fashioned in so many ways. It smells so good and has such a fun mix of rides, food, games and agriculture, local folk art and performance. I mean where else can you see 'Big Willie The Alligator' for just $1?

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