Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Very Playful Caterpillar

Since caterpillars have become something of a pattern around here I thought I'd make a little toy for the Qman. For most of my felting so far I've gone from someone else's idea but I was making a bunch of felt beads the other day and I thought I could create some kind of caterpillar and I think it worked out pretty well.

I wet felted a variety of beads that were not very uniform in size. I took an embroidery needle and strung the little beads/body of the caterpillar together. I made a little knot in between each bead and finished it with a knot right in the middle of the 'head' - I made him a big knotty nose. Then I used little bits of roving I had left over from other projects and needle felted some spots on 'Jo' the caterpillar, I made him some eyes and a smile too. I tried to make some sort of antenna but nothing came out looking good, I thought about just giving him some floppy embroidery thread antenna but since I have a little guy who puts everything in his mouth I decided against it.

This has been great fun for Q to wave around bop himself in the head with, the balls are big enough to chew but not big enough to fit completely in his mouth.

I really like these felt beads and I have lots of random projects in mind to do with them - teething necklace? mobile? hat topper?

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