Monday, July 20, 2009

Breastfeeding a 5 month old

So this is a couple days early but we've had a bumpy couple of days and our breastfeeding relationship is constantly changing so I thought I'd put this out there.

When Q was 4 months old he started the whole distractable/looking around thing which really he's still doing just as much but now - we're teething (and some new mobility). I'm sure that's what it is but it's affecting so many other aspects of our life, most notably are sleep and nursing and not a lot of either.

All I can think about is today because so far it's the culmination of all these various new issues. He's been sleeping really crappy and not wanting nursing very well during the night, he'll refuse to nurse on one side and if I push the issue he will wake himself up fully and not be happy about it. If I get up out of bed and get in the nursing chair he'll nurse and we'll both sleep in the chair. He wants to sit so bad, it's pretty much all he likes to do besides stand up holding our hands. He would do these 2 things all day if we'd assist him in them. Sitting he does by himself but we have to be watching him very closely to pick him up when he falls over. He wants to sit up so bad that if he's laying down at all (while awake) he does baby crunches, craning his head trying to sit himself up, but now.. he does this while nursing and would seemingly rather do that than nurse except that it frustrates him so bad. Nervous momma's rambling here but basically today it culminated in the fact that he wouldn't nurse for about 8 hours. He's doing a little better at the moment (nursed a bit before bed) and I think we're on our way out of this little nursing strike, but it sucks and it took a lot of work to get him to nurse even the little bit that he did. I got some great advice from my mother in law and sister in law and we did lots of skin to skin and infant and breast massage to calm us all down and get the milks flowing.

I hope this weeks events and especially today's events are not a sign of things to come during the rest of this month.

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