Saturday, February 12, 2011

Birthday Prep & Sickness

My boy is turning 2 in under 2 weeks! I have to shift gears to birthday prep and try to enjoy the anticipation of this anniversary.

As I've been thinking ahead to this birthday I have been mourning the loss of my baby, my snuggly love bug who occasionally stood still. This crazy toddler boy I have now is awesome and so much fun, but I do miss the occasional silence and I definitely miss the snuggles. I guess it's a mixed blessing then that the boy has come down with RSV (again!) and doesn't want to be anywhere except in momma's arms, in the rocking chair with a blanket around us both. He wants lots of kisses and demands to be held with both arms wrapped around him. As much as I want him to get better and get his energy back I guess I'm glad to know my 2 year old still needs his momma like this :)

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