Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wash Wednesday

We've been battling some crazy diaper rash here, and after a few days of disposable diapers we're eager to get the little one back in his cloth diapers. Inspired by Gardenmama's Wash Wednesday series here is a little peak into our backyard today.

There is something so beautiful about clean laundry hanging on the line in the sun, so much more beautiful than the awful diaper rash that brought this washing day on. I didn't think you'd want to see pictures of that :)

here's my helper, doling out the clothes pins

and for those who do cloth diapers let me tell you what we did today - we did a long soak in bac-out, followed by 2 heavy duty wash cycles with the washer's heat setting on 'sanitize' with a couple drops of blue dawn and then a bunch of rinses (until there were no suds), a final rinse cycle with vinegar before hanging them in the hot sun.

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