Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Walk In The Woods

We are loving this cooler weather, it makes us want to spend so much more time outside!

We have a new favorite hiking spot near our house and most mornings this week we've skipped our usual YMCA routine in favor of fresh air and trees (that are starting to turn!).

I love watching Qais explore the forest, he's so curious and content.

I also love that when we're in the woods he is free to roam - a free range kid - he can wack a stick around all he wants, he can make piles and stomp on them, he can pick up rocks (and leaves, and sticks and anything else) and throw them and he can run off the trail and go anywhere he wants.

Not only does he have a blast but he totally wears himself out (love those good naps). We still have to make sure we're home by about noon or it gets too hot for us but soon we'll be able to stay out longer and I foresee some daytrips to state parks.

So grateful for the cooler weather making this possible, bring on fall!

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