Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Homemade Butter

I have seen lots of bloggers showing how they make butter by shaking heavy cream in a jar or even some that put it inside a ball and play kick until it's ready. It sounds like a fun thing to do with a lot of people but not something you'd do very frequently and honestly I still think of butter being a long process that people do in a churn. But last week I came across an even easier method than jar shaking - make butter in the kitchen-aid! I knew I had to try it!

All you need is heavy cream, the fresher the better (and not ultra-pasteurized). This past weekend we went to local dairy Maple View Farms and got wonderfully fresh heavy cream (and milk and ice cream, mmmmmmm).

Heavy cream into the kitchen-aid, kitchen-aid on medium/high speed and first we make whipped cream.

It was very tempting to just add a little maple syrup at this point and put this lovely whipped cream on everything in site, or just a spoon and gobble it up. But we kept on with the medium high... and it got weird. It separated into butter and buttermilk.

I let it go on for a minute or two to expel as much buttermilk as possible and then scraped it all into a bowl that was in the sink.

Running cold water over it, kneading the butter so the rest of the buttermilk could come out and I poured it all off into another container to be used elsewhere.

I decided to get creative and add some herbs to my butter, sage, oregano, garlic powder, some kosher salt and thyme.

I'm sure I'll never get that combo the same again but it was a major win. Major win, and so so easy. I highly recommend giving it a try


  1. I can't tell you how many times I made butter this way when I was working at the ice cream shop....I was supposed to be making whipped cream but a customer always came in right when I was starting it and then I'd forget to go shut it off. Oh well.

  2. That's so funny! Did you just have to throw it out?

  3. Nope, used it to make hot fudge sauce.