Tuesday, March 9, 2010

..And We're Back

Well I had absolutely no intention of taking a long break from my blog but I guess that's what happens when life creeps in. We've been crazy busy around here and I have been really exhausted.

So you wanna know what I've been doing these last few weeks since I posted last?

I went to the beach....

it was wonderful.

I stuck my toes in the sand

I met my husband's ninety-five year old grandfather, a retired captain

I threw a baby shower for a friend

said friend smuggles basketballs in her shirt

I've also been doing the usual, cooking, cleaning, crafting, playgroups, library trips, walks around the block, etc... It's amazing how much the little stuff can fill up your days.

The most important thing I've been doing lately is mothering this little one - who started sleeping in his own bed this week. It's not full time yet but we're headed there.

Is there anything more beautiful than a sleeping baby?

I don't think so


  1. His lovey is great. Did you make it yourself?

  2. I wish! It's the Under The Nile sleeping doll http://www.underthenile.com/underthenile/itemDetailBR76.htm