Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Zoo

We're having a break in the hot weather this week and we took advantage of it today with a trip to the zoo. We woke up bright and early, grabbed our picnic and water bottles and spent most of the day walking around looking at animals.

Q is so into animals lately, a good 90% of his words right now are animals. He says fish, squirrel, bird, dog, kitty, bunny... He has no fear of animals and loves to watch them anytime he gets. His favorite books are the ones with pictures of real animals in them, we'll go back and forth over certain pages all day while he points and learns their names. I just knew he would love the zoo.

and he did.

Besides one startling incident with the chimpanzees we had a great time. We walked the whole zoo, took lots of pictures, got down and ran, visited our favorites (sea lions, bears) multiple times and ended the day with running around in a kids play area that gave us lots of inspiration for our yard.

A great way to spend a cool summer day.

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